Chandler Turley

Chandler Turley use to believe that he was worthless but now knows his value and loves who he is!  Chandler was born and raised in Salt Lake City and went to Olympus High School.  He grew up in a small close-knit family with two brothers.  He served an LDS mission in Auckland New Zealand.  Shortly after his mission, his 10-plus year battle with addiction started.


Just over two years ago Chandler entered Wasatch Recovery where he learned the tools he needed to save his life and beat his addiction.  Chandler graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Utah and is currently getting his Masters's in clinical psychology with a goal of working in the field of mental health and addiction. 


Chandler and his wife started a charity called ‘Spread the Warmth’ where they collect socks every November and pass them out to the homeless around the Salt Lake valley.  


You are going to love Chandler so tune in and enjoy his amazing story! 


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